Big Table and Littles~

Sunday, June 28, 2015

They like to eat desserts like blizzards~
Out by the pool at the big table!
Sweet faces!!


Evie has had a terrible time acclimating to her class @ KidSpring
but said she would be happy if she was with the boys and SJ SO...
we moved her and Holly up yesterday~
Everyone did great and Evie LOVED it!
Thankful for a place she feels safe and happy!!
And just look at the cute matching girls!!!
Happy Sunday!

Celebrating Amelia~ {Off to Italy}

Saturday, June 27, 2015

While Scott and I were away for our anniversary,
we planned a Send Off Party for Amelia for just us adult people.
We worked all day getting the yard and pool ready as well as a yummy dinner~
{Steaks, Roasted squash and potatoes, corn on the cob, bacon wrapped green beans, rolls, and chocolate trifle}
 We had planned our dinner for 8 so we fed the littles regular time, put them to bed on time, and began our evening with these beautiful people~
 God has done a mighty work in these beautiful girls and the boys with them are pretty awesome too~
 Amelia, to say we will miss you is just crazy to even say...
YES! we will but God is giving you an experience of a lifetime!!!
Go there with His purpose in your heart and chase the destiny He has for you.
You are the most gifted artist we know and your talents are many.
We can't wait to follow your trip and see all the great things you see, learn, and experience.
We love you SO very much~
 Night swimming was so fun after dinner and Macy had her very first swim too~
The perfect evening with our sweet originals!
Thankful for each of you and the love we all share!!

Two New Swimmers~

Friday, June 26, 2015

Amazing that one day the bitties are swimming with puddle jumpers {which we LOVE}
and the next Evie gets up the courage to just try swimming without it~
And she DID it!!!
After that first try, she was all over the pool and even jumping off the diving board.
The next day it was Holly's turn...
only being home One Year means more fear to overcome and super courage
which she mustered up and became a swimmer just like her big sis.
They are both going off the diving board and swimming like little fish!
The pool just got way more fun for them!!!

Big Stuff Going On~

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

My mom and dad have major garden{S} every year and put up lots of vegs as well.
Little did they know my mom would be having major surgery right in the middle of canning season
SO I did something I said I would NEVER do...
I got a small deep freezer, picked corn, and beans, and froze them both~
 Now just hoping it's fit to eat when I cook it. :)

Having a pup in the house has been A LOT of work but rewarding all the same.
Just look at EK's face and you can tell it is a match made in heaven~
 She's a cutie and learning to be in a family just like everyone else~
Can't imagine life without her now and adore our Macy girl!!!

Father's Day~

Sunday, June 21, 2015

The kids had a ball celebrating their dad with church, Mellow Mushroom,
pool party, homemade ice cream, and grilling~
 Not in our wildest dreams did we ever think we would have all this love~
{They even wanted Sadie and Macy in the pic}
 And even after all that, he DVRed the golf tournament and took them to the lake~
We love you honey and think you are the BEST dad in the whole world!!!

A super Father's Day to my sweet daddy too~
I am so thankful for him and love him to pieces!!!

29th Wedding Anniversary~

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Tomorrow is our anniversary 
and we are so blessed that Savannah insisted we go away for a night.
We haven't been away from the littles in over 5 years
other than being in China and we certainly don't consider that a getaway!
It was super hard to leave sweet Macy~
 And the kids of course but they assured us everything would be fine and shooed us out the door~

We headed to the NC mountains and stopped in Highlands for a little shopping
then on to our destination... Snowbird Mountain Lodge~

WE tried to take a couple selfie
and all we could see were double chins and wrinkles~ :) 

 It was so fun to sit and talk at dinner about the amazing life God has given us~
 The mountains were absolutely beautiful!!!~

We couldn't wait to get home to our children...
SO thankful to our three big girls for taking care of our littles!
After the bigs headed out for their fun evenings,
we took the littles and Macy for a boat ride~
 {This was Macy's first time on the lake and she loved it}
So thankful for 29 wonderful years, 9 children, 1 sil, and 1 grandson.
Look forward to the next 29 because we know...
The Best is Yet to Come!!!

HollyMei Day~ {One Year}

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

HollyMei has been with us for one year 
and the transformation redemption has been amazing to experience
from a very scared little girl~
 To one of joy and confidence~

From two complete strangers joined together as sisters~
 To being real sisters, twins, and the sweetest best friends they could ask for~
Sweet HollyMei, we couldn't love you more and so thankful God chose us to be your family!
You are so sweet, funny, and adorable!
Bless you forever on your HollyMei Day!!!

The Grove Summer Party~

Monday, June 15, 2015

Having a big family is the most wonderful joy in the world.
Lots of my time is spent loving on the youngest 6
and I crave more time with my 3 originals.
Rosie enjoyed The Grove @ Passion City Church once a month this past school year
and she wanted all of us to go down for the Summer Party~
SO that's what we did...
picked up Lew and Savannah and drove to Piedmont Park for a picnic
and concert by Ellie Holcomb.

You may think being a mom to younger children is most important
 but mothering my older three is just as important, 
entertaining, fun, necessary, and rewarding.

Wish I had counted all the stories they told of when they were younger.
We laughed our heads off and made another memory together.

Savannah, Amelia, and Rosemary~
I can't imagine my life without each of you.
You make my life beautiful and complete.
Thank you for the young women you have grown to be
and always know my heart is chasing you forever!!!
I loved our evening together and can't wait for the next one.

{HUGE thank you to Scotty for holding down the fort!!!}

Amelia's Grad Party~

Sunday, June 14, 2015

A celebration was up for Amelia this afternoon to celebrate her graduation,
all the beautiful art she has made, and a send off to Italy for the summer.
We hung all her big work out by the pool and enjoyed a cookout~
 with family and friends out by the pool~
 I loved looking around as everyone gathered to visit and love on our girl~
We are so very proud of you Mill and know God is leading you toward your destiny.
The Best is Yet to Come!!!

A Wedding Weekend~

Saturday, June 13, 2015

My niece Jessica and Peter got married today and Savannah was in the wedding
so we had the great joy of keeping BC for the night.
He was perfect of course~
Once everyone was ready we headed to the wedding.
It was so wonderful watching Jessie become Mrs. Verdin
and take photos of our families~
My mom & dad, The girls with their sweet guys, the big family~
 Jason's family, Marcia's family, My sister and I~
 My siblings, My family, Marcia & Chris~
 Mom & Dad, Us, Savannah, Josh, & BC~
Family is everything and we are very happy to celebrate Jessica & Peter!!!

Meet MacyJade~

Friday, June 12, 2015

SO.... school in June is just not panning out like I had planned 
but the things happening are way more important in my opinion.
On Tuesday evening Scott and I surprised the kids with a new puppy
 Now THIS is a subject we are ALL interested in and she has been a perfect addition.
EK, SJ, and I took her to the vet which could be considered a field trip, right?~
I had been reading the kids a book called A Dog's Life for read aloud which they love
and the vet suggested we read The Puppy Primer~
 Yesterday I walked in on EK reading to Macy about dog breeds
and today while Macy is sleeping close by~
I find EK reading our read aloud to herself SO...
maybe June is turning out BETTER than I had planned.
Sometimes unplanned is a better plan.
Thankful for our sweet MacyJade!!!

Moments to Remember~

SJ teaching bitty girls to string beans~
 EK reading to Macy about dog breeds~
 The boys having a ball in a pink jeep~
These are the Moments to Remember!

Meet MacyJade~ {Our New Baby}

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Unbeknownst to the kids, Scott and I had been contemplating a new dog...
{an inside dog}
and over the past couple of weeks a sweet friend introduced us to golden doodles.
She sent us a pic of the most adorable 3 mth old girl and the rest is history.
We drove to pick her up Tuesday evening and met the owners.
They were very sweet and Macy was super loved by them~
 After a quick goodbye, I scooped her into my lap and we headed home.
She was a great traveler and just looked out the window like she'd done it a million times~
 We had told the little kids we were going on a date so they were super surprised
when we pulled back in really early with a HUGE surprise!!!~
 After a little time getting acquainted, we brought her in to get used to being inside~
The next morning we took her for a walk and she did awesome on the leash~
 We also took her for a quick vet visit just to make sure she was okay and got a great report.
The vet loved her~
 She has super sensitive skin so they suggested we just wash her with warm water
and she loved the water... wondering if she will love the pool~
 Macy has become a huge part of our family and we can't imagine life without her now~
MacyJade: You light up our family and SO thankful you are Home!!!