Thursday, April 2, 2015

What's On Your Plate?~

Today we read The Dutchess Bakes a Cake again and the kids noticed how big
the people in the story became when they ate too much cake.

It got us thinking about the plates we eat on and what goes on those plates.
I showed them the two sized plates we use for everyday
and asked why we ALL use the smaller of the two~
We talked portion size and cut a circle to represent our plates to glue in our journals.
We talked about choosing foods of all colors for our plates representing four food groups:
grains, proteins, dairy, and veg/fruits.
They cut and drew foods for all 4 areas and we recorded in our journals.

Evie asked where we would put our cookie or ice cream...
The boys spoke up to say- We never put our dessert on our plate. haha
Good answer. :)

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