Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What Easter is All About~ {He is Alive!}

Out of nowhere while riding in the car, Evie asked if Jesus could live in her heart.
Scott and I are always talking about Jesus and we have a special bible time each morning
so not sure why this question surprised us so much but it did.

This morning our Blessing reading was about Jesus being in the tomb~
There were many questions and I did my best to answer.
I came upon this book this week while cleaning out so we read it together.
It was the sweetest thing to see the last page with Rosemary's name written on it.
A big example for all the littles.

It was the perfect time to share where the Logo for our church NewSpring came from~
Can you see it? Our pastor posted the last photo on IG today
and gave us more to discuss about Jesus.
He didn't need his own burial tomb... It was borrowed because~
He wasn't staying! HE IS ALIVE... He ain't in there!!!

EK is the first of the 6 to give her life to Jesus and I look forward to the other 5 trusting Him too!
One of the most beautiful things about being home together each day...

Growing Whole Hearts toward Jesus.

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