Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Meet Bentley~

Spring Break Day 2:
Our summers are spent by our pool and in the past, on the lake.
We opened our pool Saturday and found a lot of yuck.
It was pretty disappointing since we knew it would have to be drained, 
pressure washed, and refilled which adds up to lots of waiting days.

Little did they know their daddy had gone to an auction and found our new {2002} friend, Bentley~
You should have heard the shrieks when he pulled it into the front yard.
Is that OUR boat?
We waited for Cowboy Billy {the neighbor that plowed our garden} to get home
and help Scott put it in the water.
Next thing I knew, he had it pulled into our dock and there was nothing else to do but~
 Go for a ride!!!~
 I can't think of a better way for EK to spend her 10th birthday~
Later we went to dinner and for her birthday dessert, she requested Krispy Kreme.
It was the best of birthdays for sure but sure missed our bigs!!!!!

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