Wednesday, April 8, 2015

An Island Adventure~

Spring Break Day 3:

Today we took the boat back out right before lunch and had a picnic lunch~
EK spied an island and we drifted toward it as we ate.
We pulled the boat up and dad carried them to shore~
 It was a great adventure of exploring until they happened up on a roosting goose~
and back to the boat they ran!!!
Now it is fondly named Goose Island and will always hold a very funny story.
We rode around for a while then headed back home.
Thankful for such a beautiful day of break!!!
{Plan to begin reading Treasure Island tonight}

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  1. Well HELLO Beautiful Ankerich Family!! Just checking in and have to say LOVE! LOVE! LOVE! That new banner pic. I hate I don't get to visit more often, but just believe I go back and catchup on all the beautiful pics and stories when I do!!! Look at Ben Curtis!! That baby boy is getting taller and even more handsome (I mean is that EVEN possible?!!) Wishing your family a wonderful weekend!!


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