Saturday, April 11, 2015

A Full Day Saturday~

Today was a full day of inside and outside chores.
The kids played their hearts out.
Evie and Holly got new life jackets and put them on first thing this morning~
SJ came inside from the skimmer with her very first toad of the season
and then there is the journal writer, Payne, getting his life story written.
ALL of this before breakfast!

The kids played much of their day outside and got very hot...
so hot, they needed to go for their very first swim in a clean pool!~
 They were shaking cold but didn't stop them at all~
 We cleared the pool, grilled hotdogs for dinner, and headed down to plant our garden~

We visited our local nursery yesterday to buy our plants~
Everyone was super excited to drop a few seeds in the holes.
We planted tomatoes, radishes, squash, green beans, butterbeans, peppers, 
pumpkins, watermelons, spinach, and carrots~
 EK and SJ planted flowers in their rock garden made from all the rocks gathered from making the garden.
We finished up and the kids ran back to the pool... didn't last long~
When everyone was ready for bed, we made hot chocolate to warm up and called it
A Full Awesome Day Saturday!!!


  1. love your pear wall art! An awesome day indeed.

  2. Trying not to covet you all wearing shorts, swimming in the pool, planting your I just tried to sit on the front porch (in my winter coat, mind you!) to drink my coffee and it was WAY too cold! ;0) Looks like an amazing Saturday...can't wait till we warm up here!!

  3. AWWW what a fun day....gets you ready for summer for sure! LOVE that "new" old door to hang the towels & suits.

  4. Gorgeous what a fun day - thanks for sharingyour day!


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