Wednesday, April 29, 2015

3 Characteristics of Learning Time~

I read a beautiful quote this week...
'If you are concerned about "doing it right" (homeschooling),
you already are...
because the first thing you need to as a homeschooler is love your students.'

I am consistently wondering if I am doing this homeschooling thing right...
after all, I have not graduated anyone
(haven't even graduated anyone out of elementary... haha)
but in my deepest part of my soul, I KNOW I am called to this journey.

I am reading more and more the dire need for kids to be less structured
and allowed more free play time than ever before!
Books I'm reading right now:

'As we truly relax in our homeschooling lives, something nearly magical starts to happen. We not only demonstrate trust to our children, we feel it. We are more centered. We are better able to be joyful and present to each other without the constant pressure to meet school-like expectations. That makes all the difference. Through these eyes of trust we are more readily able to see, really see, how much learning is taking place.' ~ Free Range Learning

3 Characteristics of Learning Time~

1. Caddy Work~ I have found when I'm more relaxed about learning, my children follow suit.  Keeping tasks in a caddy and allowing them to be done in any order, encourages child led learning.  {Yes, I am still choosing what goes in the caddy but the kids are given the choice of what and when to do the tasks.}

2. Book breaks~ Books related to our unit study (FIAR) are working well for us as well... meaning, instead of doing all of our reading at once we are starting with read aloud, working for a while, breaking for a book, and continuing this pattern throughout the morning. Books are chosen by the kids according to what they are most interested in at the time.

3. Listening Basket~ I have a basket sitting close by with our Read Aloud books
along with a few activities the kids can choose to do while listening...
~ Playdoh
~ Color Pencils and Paper (these cute sharpeners sure make this more fun!)
~ Legos
~ Dry erase boards with marker and eraser sock
~ Salt box drawing
Along with books we are reading and a tray to play on.

The image of how I wanted to homeschool has evolved from looking like my classroom in my teaching days to a more fluid flow of family learning. I have several learning areas spread throughout our home and plan to share those in a post soon.

"You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself."
~ Galileo Galilei


  1. In planning for more of our kids joining those who are already at home this coming fall...I'm rearranging some of our rooms so we can spread out as we learn in more natural, cozy way....we've got a middle and higherschooler in the midst, too so we need some "function" areas for laptop work, but I'm trying to find a good blend of relaxed learning and "mom says it must be learned" learning. :-) Can't wait to see your post on your learning areas. One of my new ones includes building a little counter like work space right under our living room window where the best morning sun shines in and birds can be easily seen and heard. When you live up north, it's important! :-) Also a little area for Levi near the bigs where he can explore things, too (thinking sensory things and fine motor skills at this point). Pinterest dreaming!

  2. can't wait to see the learning spots around your home! :)


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