Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Simplicity Parenting~

I am reading a very enlightening book called Simplicity Parenting~
Here are a few of the amazing thoughts just in the first chapter~

~"By simplifying, we protect the environment for childhood's slow, essential unfolding of self."

~"Our society- with its pressures of "too much"- is waging an undeclared war of childhood."

~"The pace of our daily lives is increasingly misaligned with the pace of childhood."

~"A protected childhood allows for the slow development of identity, well-being, and resiliency."

~"Like any work of art, families need inspiration, fresh infusions of hope, and imagination."

~"Our daily lives can become disconnected from the hopes and dreams we hold for our family."

~"Simplification signals a change, a realignment of our hopes and our everyday lives."

~"Too much stuff leads to too little time and too little depth in the way kids see and explore their worlds."

Last evening I sat on the breezeway listening to the shrieks of laughter and joy
coming from our children playing in the backyard as the sun set
and this morning I peer into the sunroom to see them reading a book.

There is NO greater gift we can give our children than a beautiful childhood
and time just playing outside and being together.


  1. I see how this can be so true! It is probably one of the biggest struggles my husband and I have with one another He feels like more will lead to big sucess and I feel like I need to protect their childhood. They only get one childhood. Plenty of time to be an adult.

  2. So true and you are so blessed to be able to give this gift to your littles.

  3. So true and you are so blessed to be able to give this gift to your littles.

  4. I LOVE this...Yesterday I thought of you as I had my friends black haired twins(recently adopted) here to play & I watched the 3 girls stir rocks, pick weed onions, nut shells, and leaves and make "soup" for over an hour.


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