Thursday, March 19, 2015

BFIAR & FIAR~ {The Yellow Ball & Grandfather's Journey}

This week I rowed Yellow Ball by Molly Bang with the bitty girls.
 They liked the book and quickly learned the pattern of the words
 {learning new vocab}.
I gave them yellow construction paper and some circle punchers and let them punch away 
{Fine motor work}
We also drew a page from the story and talked about spheres~

 For FIAR we rowed Grandfather's Journey and sad to say it is not one of favorites.
I chose it because it continued our study of Japan but it just didn't hold our attention~
 We learned about generations and notebooked the generations they are a part of~
 EK and SJ have been working so hard on their cursive and I am wanting them to use it more in their everyday writing.
I think they did pretty well with their copywork!
We think it is super cool that Ben Curtis is a fourth generation baby!
Thankful for Memommy and Pop giving us a beautiful heritage!

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