Thursday, March 26, 2015

Ben Curtis Day~

SO excited to be out loving Ben Curtis today~
 He is always SO stunned when we all walk in
but it is usually NO time that he is down and in the middle of everyone~
 This visit found him crawling super fast, standing up, AND walking~
 Savannah had received an Amazon package in a huge box and it became the best toy of the day!
They even wrapped SJ up like a hornet's nest with the packing~
 He was super cuddly~

Just couldn't pick photos so share so just posting them all~

 After rest and nap,  we took a little walk in the neighborhood and BC loved riding in his car~
 After a beautiful day, it was so sweet to bathe him and play in his room~
Goodnight sweet BC... we can't WAIT to come back!!!!

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