Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Writing Love~

Every single day Payne takes out his journal to write
{even on weekends}
and today was no different.
I saw him working away in the sunroom while I was making breakfast.
He walked into the kitchen with a huge grin on his face.
He knew he had accomplished something great.
I looked down to see a miracle
{maybe not to everyone but to his mom.... HUGE!}
because today was the day HE sounded out his own words, drew his picture~
I LF Mom
 I LF Dad

I LF Will
{He wrote what he heard himself sounding!}

Why a miracle?

I had not spent anytime formally teaching him to sound.
We had just worked on Explode the Code with sounds
and when we did write in journals,
I always wrote for him and he copied.
I will still continue this scaffolding for him
but today HE saw he could do it for himself...

AND I I witnessed him feeling loved and Being Love!!!

Love Wins Again!!!

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