Friday, February 27, 2015

More Glasses?~ {Evie}

The day after Evie turned five we went for her yearly checkup.
During the course of the check they examined her eyes and she failed the exam
sending us to the eye dr where SJ and WP go.

Today I took her for the exam~
She was super brave and asked every single person from the receptionist to the dr
if she would have to get eye drops.
The first part of the exam raised questions of her eyesight~
And the dr confirmed she does indeed have a stigmatism in both eyes
with one being a little more severe that the other.
{Probably have to patch her in the future as well}
I guess because SJ and WP both wear glasses she was SO happy to learn 
she would need them too!

The most fun part of the exam was choosing glasses and lots we did try~
 Finally choosing an adorable pink frame pair~
And if she has asked me once, she has asked me 1000 times
when her glasses will be in.
Thankful to know she too will have the amazing experience of seeing like never before.
Can't wait!!!


  1. Yay for Evie! Glad she's excited!!

  2. She's adorable!!!!! Mia goes back in May. She does not like the eye doctor.


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