Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Just Go With It~ {Community}

I could have started this day with "Put all that away and let's get after it"
but everyone had some kind of vehicle pushing them all over the house having a ball
so I began gathering things to Just Go With It!
I had a stash of Community stuff from my teaching days~
 We also pulled out our vehicle puzzles, listening books, and books.
Everyone brought their vehicle to the family room and then...
We Got After It.

I started with The Big Green Pocketbook for the bitty girls
and each pair chose a puzzle to complete~

 We also played Traffic Jam~
 One of our favorite stories Mike Mulligan and his Steam Shovel 
was the perfect springboard for a graphing activity~
 Sweet to see Holly has two guardian angels helping her~
 Our next story was The Noisy Book then made our own about traveling~
 We played a Community listening game~
 Boys finished up their books and had a turn at Traffic Jams~
 We glued our projects in our journals~
 Finally we made traffic lights for art~
Then made edible ones!
Just Going With It turned out to be a super fun day
and following their lead was the best choice by far!!!

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