Monday, February 23, 2015

Homeschooling the 3Rs~

One of the things about our schooling at home is it allows us days off when we need them
AND days on even when one has had surgery or broken a bone.

Today was one such day and I had known we would need a little pick me up so
I ordered some amazing books to open on our first day after WP's surgery~
{3 Rs: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic}
 1. Reading: 
I started with a couple of board books for bitty girls then Alfie for the boys... ALL were a hit! 
EK has been wanting to see the Paddington movie so I knew she and SJ would love the book. 
As we read the first story, we learned he was from Peru 
so we opened up this big MAPS book and did a little geography too~
 And before we knew we were doing science with our IPads researching all the animals 
that lived there as well as other items on the map. Great discussion!

2. wRiting~ 
There was a letter from the author of Paddington explaining how he came to be an author.
It sparked a great discussion of story writing 
and we grabbed our journals
to perfect our writing skill.
I pulled out a drawing book I had used with EK and SJ long ago
and had a little drawing lesson with the bitty girls~
They did an awesome job!!!
And so did the bigger kids as well~

There were other books in the box we will get to later
as well as this wonderful Zingo game for sight words.
I had originally thought of the boys with it but Evie and Holly wanted to try
and they did awesome looking and matching the words~
The boys played and practiced reading the words.
The big girls played and practiced spelling the words.

Finally our day ended with their regular Math U See work.
I'd say Homeschooling the 3Rs is just what this crowd needed!!!

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