Thursday, February 19, 2015

Happy Chinese New Year~ {新年快乐 Gong Xi Fa Cai}

Today the boys were gone to dr apps with dad so it was just us girls.
I pulled lots of our Chinese books and read them every single one.
I jumped online to find a craft we hadn't done before and landed on Red Ted Blog...
I read books and they listened to stories on tape as they cut/painted their dragon puppets~
SO fun putting them together with an accordion fold.

While I set up for next thing, EK read to the bitty girls~

Then we were ready for a little Chinese Teatime~
Everyone LOVED it but SJ {holding her nose to try}.
We bought tea and teapot set when we were in China to get HM.
Evie is a tea LOVER!!!!!

Our FAV book, Ruby's Wish was the perfect story since the boys were away.
After reading I had them sketch and paint what they wanted to be when they grew up~
EK & SJ~ Vets, EC & HM~ Moms :)
The boys jumped right in when they arrived home~

THIS photo was made yesterday afternoon as EK & SJ sketched birds
from our yard and their guidebooks~
 These are the times best friends are made
and educating each other collides...
{Afternoons spent sketching, chatting, and giggling}
Pretty much describes the whole reason we school at home.
Blessed and thankful!!!

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