Saturday, February 21, 2015

Day Surgery for Will Perry~

Will has struggled so long with enlarged tonsils and he snores like a beast.
After one appointment with an ENT, surgery was scheduled 
and he was off for Day Surgery~
 To make this outing a little less overwhelming and stressful,
he woke up to a Ninja Turtle Shellraiser to take with him!
On the way we were amazed at the beautiful sunrise God made~

We arrived at the hospital in plenty of time with check in @ 9:45
and surgery @ 11:45~

 We were taken back to a room with plenty of time to spare
only to find out surgery would now be 12:45... queue the clowns~
 These boys didn't know what to think at first... first time for them.
They were able to let their guard down and know it was pretend!

Finally it was time to get WP ready for the ride and he was super brave
{Shellraiser right by his side!}~
 He was wheeled out about 1:30 and time stood still... waiting for GOOD news!~
 And good news we received!
He did great during surgery and had Monster tonsils. :)
He was surprised with a sweet gift bag from The Thomas family~
{thank you Lyn and family!!!}
 Recovery was pretty short with popsicles, slushies, apple juice and TV~
 The first night and day home was brutal but WP is amazing
and has super sweet siblings to help in any way~
We are thankful for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
and our very healthy Ninja Turtle boy Will!!!

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