Wednesday, February 18, 2015


Our kids are always hoping for snow every winter but instead we got this~
Major ice~ causing power outages, frozen water pipes, and no cable.
The photos above were taken by my phone IN the house. :)

We spent lots of time looking outside and schooling inside~
Love this shot of SJ reading to Evie the book
The Day the Crayons Quit... a huge favorite around here
especially the Peach page (hahaha)!

At one point I asked Scott to take photos with my camera
and he captured some Beautiful Shots~

If you didn't know it was ice, you might think white blooms.
Thankful it was a one day thing and everything back to normal...
except for the arctic winds and subzero temps!!!


  1. Gorgeous "ice" photos. Thankfully, there is heat in the home.

  2. BEAUTIFUL!! I remember we had an "ice storm" here years ago, back then then we lived around a densely wooded area. The trees were frozen to a wintery wonderland!! It was truly beautiful, quiet a site fro these southerners. What frighten me the most was when we tree branches SNAPPED so LOUDLY that it sounded like someone firing a gun!! Very pretty to look at, but i kept my distance!

  3. I hoping for snow too! I guess I'll keep praying!! :)


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