Friday, February 27, 2015


The boys are schooling K this year and doing so well.
As much as I have tried to keep the bitty girls on a younger level,
they want to sit with us when I teach the boys reading and math.

I really should have known they were soaking it in like little sponges.
Yesterday I went through every single thing we have have for school
weeding and reorganizing. 

I found a couple of items I had put away 
and created a ABC activity for the bitty girls~
 I pulled out one of each letter and wrote those same letters on foam board.
The boys wanted me to make them one even though it would be easy for them.
I wrote lowercase letters on their board~
This morning when the girls sat down to match,
I was amazed how many letters and sounds they knew 
without any formal instruction.
A great activity to check knowledge.
Once they were done, they began typing on it...
"It's our laptop Mom."
Okay! I can go along with that!!!

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