More Glasses?~ {Evie}

Friday, February 27, 2015

The day after Evie turned five we went for her yearly checkup.
During the course of the check they examined her eyes and she failed the exam
sending us to the eye dr where SJ and WP go.

Today I took her for the exam~
She was super brave and asked every single person from the receptionist to the dr
if she would have to get eye drops.
The first part of the exam raised questions of her eyesight~
And the dr confirmed she does indeed have a stigmatism in both eyes
with one being a little more severe that the other.
{Probably have to patch her in the future as well}
I guess because SJ and WP both wear glasses she was SO happy to learn 
she would need them too!

The most fun part of the exam was choosing glasses and lots we did try~
 Finally choosing an adorable pink frame pair~
And if she has asked me once, she has asked me 1000 times
when her glasses will be in.
Thankful to know she too will have the amazing experience of seeing like never before.
Can't wait!!!


The boys are schooling K this year and doing so well.
As much as I have tried to keep the bitty girls on a younger level,
they want to sit with us when I teach the boys reading and math.

I really should have known they were soaking it in like little sponges.
Yesterday I went through every single thing we have have for school
weeding and reorganizing. 

I found a couple of items I had put away 
and created a ABC activity for the bitty girls~
 I pulled out one of each letter and wrote those same letters on foam board.
The boys wanted me to make them one even though it would be easy for them.
I wrote lowercase letters on their board~
This morning when the girls sat down to match,
I was amazed how many letters and sounds they knew 
without any formal instruction.
A great activity to check knowledge.
Once they were done, they began typing on it...
"It's our laptop Mom."
Okay! I can go along with that!!!

Schooling Smart~ {Frugal}

Thursday, February 26, 2015

EK and SJ work out of their own Queen Language Lessons Book
SJ out of the one EK passed down and EK in a new one. 
They are pretty expensive to be consumable so we don't write in them. 
We alternate doing a lesson orally and the next copied into their journal.

All six kids work in Explode the Code each day. 
There really isn't enough writing on a page to warrant a book for each child. 
I decided to buy them once, cut apart with my paper cutter~
Place pages in protectors and store in small 1/2 inch binders. 
They complete front and back of a page with a dry erase marker each day
 keeping a sticky note on following page for tomorrow.

Beautiful Hair Girls~

Evie and Holly have enjoyed playing beauty shop this week~
Evie is really good at making pigtails!

So not even kidding that this is our annual hair salon appointment
and Holly's very first haircut since coming home.
{Well other than the two free cuts from Evie}

Holly was pretty scared but after watching her sisters,
she climbed right up~
SO proud of herself!
Everyone left with pretty big self esteems~
And Beautiful Hair for sure!!!
Thanks Ms. Erin!

Centers for Boys and Bitty Girls~

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Reading Bag
Listening Books
Pirate Memory
War with Uno cards

Bitty Girls~
ABC Match
Neighborhood Sounds
Princess Puzzles
Listening Books

I will leave these centers out for 2 weeks. 

Guest Blogger @ La Dolce Vita: "The Sweet Life"

In 2011 while in China adopting SJ, I met a sweet kindred spirit Rebecca Radicchi and we have remained connected since that time. She has four gorgeous children and blogs so beautifully at La Dolce Vita: "The Sweet Life". I am constantly blown away by the amazing way words just flow out of her so eloquently. 
I am blessed to know her and call her friend.

This is what Rebecca shares about her Medical Momma Toolkit Series...  "Parenting a medical needs child changes everything.  It is refining, refocusing, hard and hilarious.  In our first year of medical needs parenting, we've learned lots of lessons, most of them by trial and error (heavy on the error if we are putting all our cards on the table).  This year has stretched and blessed us, and also given us a big connection with other medical families.  My circle of solidarity with medical mommas has widened, and my heart longs to serve and encourage them.  

So, I give you a new series, the "Medical Momma Toolkit: Tips, Tricks and Encouragement".  

I am humbled to be a guest blogger on her blog series today sharing my heart during Will's Day Surgery visit this past Friday. You can begin reading my post here and continue at Rebecca's blog. I  hope you will follow this journey with her and our prayer is someone will be encouraged as they love their child with medical needs.

3 DOs for Day Surgery~

Today our son was scheduled for day surgery to remove his tonsils and adenoids. He has suffered many rounds of tonsillitis and strep requiring lots trips to the doctor and medications. He also suffers from asthma and snores like a beast. Payne his twin brother who shares a room says- 'I not can even turn him over when him wakes me up with snoring'. So he needs this surgery just as much as Will. Ha!

1.  DO Listen to Your Instincts ~

He wasn't a cut and dry case. We had visited our pediatrician many times with same symptoms, but would always fall right below criteria for further inquiry. I was always understanding and acknowledged their expertise for documentation and timing. 

One day, Will came down with a very high fever, and I mean like 105.7 (Most of my kids run super high fevers, so I didn't freak.), but all the same, he needed to be seen. I called and they brought us in. Diagnosis was tonsillitis and ear infection, and this time I Pressed.

Pediatrician once again reminded me we were under the requirements for an ENT visit, but I wasn't going home without a referral. Sometimes it takes persistence of the momma bear to get the attention needed. Reluctantly, we were given go ahead for ENT, and I made the appointment.

Fast forward to this appointment and when the doctor looked in his mouth... you should have seen his eyes! 
Yep! I KNEW it!

On a scale from 1-4, with 4 being huge tonsils, his was a 4+!!! I remembered back being told this doctor was extremely conservative so not to be surprised if he agreed with them. Okay, I went with an open mind, but I just knew in my gut what the outcome would be. Surgery was scheduled and my boy would get a chance for better health and sleep!

Here we are at the hospital. We were to be here @ 9:30 with surgery at 11:30. That is never a given. Back to a room in plenty of time, but are told surgery is not until 12:30, and we continue to wait. That time passed and finally he was taken back at 1:30. Two hours late, but all is well. 

Please continue reading at La Dolce Vita: "The Sweet Life".

Snow Day for Us~

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

SO much excitement echoed though the house when everyone woke to see~
a dusting of snow covering our yard!
Flocking to the windows, they planned what they would do when breakfast was done
and we had dug out the VERY few snow clothes we own!

It wasn't long before we all dressed in pjs, jeans, two shirts, two pairs of socks
and standing by a bin as we chose coats, hats, and gloves for everyone then boots.
Into the yard they went and allowed me a few photos~
 They chased their dad with snowballs, built snow towers, 
and just enjoyed WINTER!~

The kids loved the little snowman their dad build on the hood of his truck~
and it made it all the way to Walmart and back home!!!

Once back in we pulled out Snowflake Bentley 
and enjoyed a School Snow Day!!!

A Snow Day~ {Snowflake Bentley}

Six kids and two parents were pretty excited about a yard dusted with snow this am
and went straight to the windows to watch it fall.
I grabbed some black paper and tried to catch a snowflake to photograph
with my macro lens on my phone~
We loved our time out in the snow
and I shared it @ Everything Beautiful!

 After a lot of fun out in the tiny bit of snow we had,
everyone came in to warm up with a cup of hot chocolate
and reading time with Snowflake Bentley.
We also watched a short biography on YouTube then
 EK & SJ used chalk pastels and the little 4 crayons~
You can see the personality in each one and I LOVE them MUCH!!!
A Wonderful Snow Day!

Homeschooling the 3Rs~

Monday, February 23, 2015

One of the things about our schooling at home is it allows us days off when we need them
AND days on even when one has had surgery or broken a bone.

Today was one such day and I had known we would need a little pick me up so
I ordered some amazing books to open on our first day after WP's surgery~
{3 Rs: Reading, wRiting, and aRithmetic}
 1. Reading: 
I started with a couple of board books for bitty girls then Alfie for the boys... ALL were a hit! 
EK has been wanting to see the Paddington movie so I knew she and SJ would love the book. 
As we read the first story, we learned he was from Peru 
so we opened up this big MAPS book and did a little geography too~
 And before we knew we were doing science with our IPads researching all the animals 
that lived there as well as other items on the map. Great discussion!

2. wRiting~ 
There was a letter from the author of Paddington explaining how he came to be an author.
It sparked a great discussion of story writing 
and we grabbed our journals
to perfect our writing skill.
I pulled out a drawing book I had used with EK and SJ long ago
and had a little drawing lesson with the bitty girls~
They did an awesome job!!!
And so did the bigger kids as well~

There were other books in the box we will get to later
as well as this wonderful Zingo game for sight words.
I had originally thought of the boys with it but Evie and Holly wanted to try
and they did awesome looking and matching the words~
The boys played and practiced reading the words.
The big girls played and practiced spelling the words.

Finally our day ended with their regular Math U See work.
I'd say Homeschooling the 3Rs is just what this crowd needed!!!

Day Surgery for Will Perry~

Saturday, February 21, 2015

Will has struggled so long with enlarged tonsils and he snores like a beast.
After one appointment with an ENT, surgery was scheduled 
and he was off for Day Surgery~
 To make this outing a little less overwhelming and stressful,
he woke up to a Ninja Turtle Shellraiser to take with him!
On the way we were amazed at the beautiful sunrise God made~

We arrived at the hospital in plenty of time with check in @ 9:45
and surgery @ 11:45~

 We were taken back to a room with plenty of time to spare
only to find out surgery would now be 12:45... queue the clowns~
 These boys didn't know what to think at first... first time for them.
They were able to let their guard down and know it was pretend!

Finally it was time to get WP ready for the ride and he was super brave
{Shellraiser right by his side!}~
 He was wheeled out about 1:30 and time stood still... waiting for GOOD news!~
 And good news we received!
He did great during surgery and had Monster tonsils. :)
He was surprised with a sweet gift bag from The Thomas family~
{thank you Lyn and family!!!}
 Recovery was pretty short with popsicles, slushies, apple juice and TV~
 The first night and day home was brutal but WP is amazing
and has super sweet siblings to help in any way~
We are thankful for Children's Healthcare of Atlanta
and our very healthy Ninja Turtle boy Will!!!

Happy Chinese New Year~ {新年快乐 Gong Xi Fa Cai}

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Today the boys were gone to dr apps with dad so it was just us girls.
I pulled lots of our Chinese books and read them every single one.
I jumped online to find a craft we hadn't done before and landed on Red Ted Blog...
I read books and they listened to stories on tape as they cut/painted their dragon puppets~
SO fun putting them together with an accordion fold.

While I set up for next thing, EK read to the bitty girls~

Then we were ready for a little Chinese Teatime~
Everyone LOVED it but SJ {holding her nose to try}.
We bought tea and teapot set when we were in China to get HM.
Evie is a tea LOVER!!!!!

Our FAV book, Ruby's Wish was the perfect story since the boys were away.
After reading I had them sketch and paint what they wanted to be when they grew up~
EK & SJ~ Vets, EC & HM~ Moms :)
The boys jumped right in when they arrived home~

THIS photo was made yesterday afternoon as EK & SJ sketched birds
from our yard and their guidebooks~
 These are the times best friends are made
and educating each other collides...
{Afternoons spent sketching, chatting, and giggling}
Pretty much describes the whole reason we school at home.
Blessed and thankful!!!

Happy Chinese New Year~ 新年快乐 Gong Xi Fa Cai {Today & Throwback}~

Our Family would like to wish everyone a Very Happy CNY~

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Payne Curtis~ Home 2013~

EvieClaire~ Home 2013~

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