Friday, January 23, 2015

The Sewing Divas~

Now that we have that big Zoo creation behind us,
the girls went back to their sewing this afternoon
and love the new book full of projects Memommy gave them~

Since Christmas the girls have been sewing in our formal living room
but today they moved everything up to their room~
 EK remembered Savannah had a machine here and brought it out to use
so they are Dueling Sewing Divas~
It is old school making it a little harder to use
but she's gotten the hang of it pretty quickly.
She DOES say she wants one like SJ for her birthday!

On Sunday SJ made a microphone and yesterday they both made new little pets~
This afternoon, they made art aprons, crayon rolls, hats for the boys :) 
and guitars~
{Daddy even had to make another Walmart run for more stuffing!}
I'm sure they're in bed dreaming of what they will make tomorrow!!!


  1. So much fun!!!! I do not know how to sow at all!!! Like not even a button.

  2. Hi Shay,
    Long time follower here. I am in the process of moving and came across some brand new beginning sewing books and patters and etc would love to send them to your little seamstresses. I know it can be a scary world so would understand not wanting to give out your home address but thought if you had a p.o. box or scott's business address I'd be happy to send them to you.

  3. What Fun! LOVE seeing creative kiddos. I have a niece that's into sewing costumes and just can't stop. Designers in the making :)

  4. Shay, My granddaughters are interested in sewing. I have been sewing all my life so we had our first lesson right after Christmas. I got them little play sewing machines but had trouble with the bobbin so we just shifted over to my machine and they did great. What kind of machine did you get for SJ? I am also going to order the sewing book. Looks like a lot of fun.

  5. I would also like to know what machine you got for her? I have 6 from China too and one is 9 and loves to craft. She is always making things out of felt but has to staple, glue or tape them.


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