Tuesday, January 20, 2015

The Mitten~

Today we watched a new video series
 I found out about on the Charlotte Mason FB page
and can I say they were MESMERIZED!!!~
There will be a new short nature video up each day
and of course we had to catch up since we have missed the other 19.
It was the perfect lead into listening to The Mitten~
 I traced around their hand to make a mitten they could "Sew" together!
We also had copies of the animals that we colored, cut, and used to act out the story~
while we watched and listened to Jan Brett read her own story to them.
She told us it was a Ukrainian tale so EK went to the map and found it for us.
We loved knowing that William and Daniel were born there
and we also found Norway which is where they live now!!!
Love you all Dove Family in Norway!!!

PS... Payne did not miss a beat today even with his arm in a cast~
Thankful for a good day!!!

1 comment:

  1. I just love visiting your page and getting GREAT IDEAS!! I will have to check out the VIMEO videos!!! ((Hugs)) for Tough Guy Payne!! That baby rocking that cast!!


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