Wednesday, January 21, 2015

The Greenville Zoo~ {Field Trip}

We were all dressed and beginning school when my friend Ragan texted
and invited us to meet them at the zoo.
Ummm yes!
Packed a couple of bags with lunch, grabbed my camera, and off we went!!!
BOY are we glad we went~
 EK & SJ had wanted to visit the zoo after their big project~

 The zoo is pretty small so the kids feel like they 'Know' all the animals.
Loved seeing every single one and reading about them~
 My sweet friend Ragan and her two babies... (and 2 waiting in China!)

Today was Squirrel Appreciation Day so all the kids made feeders~

After a picnic lunch, we hit the playground~
Could NOT have had a more beautiful day... 70 degrees!~
 Super cool story...
I met an adoption mom and family at the park.
We both had so much in common: lots of Chinese children, homeschool families,
same age, and photogs~
 Our kids hit it off as well as we did and you would have thought we'd known them always~
 LOVED making new friends and great memories~
 Thank you sweet Ragan for making our day Awesome!!!!!


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