Thursday, January 15, 2015

Thankful Thursday~ {Winter}

Our morning began with a little puzzle that (yes!) I picked up at $1 spot...
They have all loved it even if it is so simple for everyone except Holly~
 But with Evie being her K teacher :), she is learning quickly!!!

For math today, the boys had to count sets and choose the correct numeral.
Pretty easy for them but when I began asking them to SHOW me an amount with their fingers.
they had to count it out.
I took some time working with them... 
They finally started to use counting up and on skills-
{very abstract thinking for them)~
 I had them sit knee to knee and call numbers for each other.
It was a win win because for them to check each other they had to know themselves.
LOTS of laughing and learning while working together!

For Activity Time (as they have begun to call it)
We reread The Snowy Day and discovered we had three copies
so SJ asked if she could read with me.
She read a page and I read a page~
 I think it will always be one of the boys favorite books!
I also read a non fiction about Winter~
 and we made our own list of things that happen in Winter to make our own littles books~
~wear winter clothes
~build a snowman
~play basketball
~build fires
~build a snowman
~build a snowman
{I know... that song again}
Thankful for another wonderful day learning with this crew!!!

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