Thursday, January 8, 2015


At times this week we have had some student led schooling sessions
that included some pretty sweet sewing creations.
It was exciting to see EK joining the ranks of seamstresses in the house~
SJ received this cool book for Christmas and they finally opened it to find
tons of super cool creations~
 Now EK is ALL about a stuffed animal
so this cute Little Friend project was right up her ally.
They started this Sunday night I think~
 and with some help along the way,
ended up with these two adorable little friends~
 EK even wrote about her friend in her journal~
There have been plenty of other creations:
pillows, more little friends, and just original ones.
SO happy they are beginning a lifetime of joy with this lifelong skill.

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  1. Oh MY goodness...what fun! I think WE need that book too :-)