Thursday, January 22, 2015

Foundational Learning~

The Bitty girls are learning their letters and sounds...
(and didn't want to do anything in their drawers) SO
I pulled out our Leap Frog Letter Factory video and popped it in~
 I wrote the alphabet on a page in their journal and they trace the letter when they sang its sound.
Evie was rockstar at this and Holly was loved the singing!

I was back and forth between all kids and loved snuggling up to hear SJ~
 read a chapter from her Henry and Mudge book!

Back to check on bitties and found they had drawn a crowd~
 After the video, I put out the ABC stamps and they stamped all the letters
while remembering their sounds. 
(Evie helped Holly find her spot)
Gotta Watch THIS~

The boys had their own reading time going!
Partner reading is the best!!!
Post about EK's contribution to the morning HERE!

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