Sunday, January 4, 2015

Brave Evie and Holly~ {NewSpring Church}

In the days before Sundays, we spend time talking to the little girls 
about going to the class @ NewSpring Church.
Pretty much a no go for Evie over the last 2 years home.
I did let she and Holly go one Sunday but it was a total disaster
and so clear that Evie was not ready to separate.
Today we had a different experience...
The lady checking in (Kimberly) let me go to the door 
and squat with the girls until they were ready.
I really didn't think Evie would go... 
Holly hesitantly went but kept coming back to see if I was still there.
Ms. Kimberly squatted down with us and began talking to Evie on her level
(she was still in my arms at this point).
She asked Evie is she just wanted to walk around and look at the Activities...
I promised her I would not leave so she got down from me and went to Kimberly.
SHE WENT IN and just like Holly kept coming back to let me hold her for a sec
and then back in.
It sort of fell apart when they closed the door...
I could hear her scream crying.
Kimberly had told me she would bring her right out if she cried and she did.
I heard Kimberly say, "I will take you out to see your mom 
if you will come back in with me."
Evie agreed, they came out, and she did go back in for the WHOLE time!
I stayed right by that door and when it was time I was the first in to get them!!!

Cool side story~
Kimberly shared she had been in the adoption process for 1.5 years
and I was able to share adoption stories with her.
THEN I met Marcia who is fostering baby twins and will find out this week if
they will be able to adopt them too.
Isn't God so sweet to have loved on all 5 of us 
(me, Kimberly, Marcia, EC, and HM) like that?
AND there are my other two new sweet friends Regan (adopting two from China) and Kristi (adopted son domestically)...
OH and Elizabeth (adopted son about two months ago at birth domestically!
Let me not forget my old :) adoption friend Melissa (Lily Hope's mom)!
Okay, you get the picture!!!
I think God is working a BIG adoption thing @ NewSpring Church
and I can't WAIT to be all about it!!!
The BEST is yet to come!!!!!


  1. Way to go girls!!! Proud of them and happy for you!!!!

  2. WAY to girls will have SO much fun!!