Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Animals in Winter~ {The Snowy Day}

Science seems to be on the brain this week.
I had EK gather our books this am: Bible, The Snowy Day, and on of her choice
{will always be non fiction}
so she chose Animals in Winter~
(loved how Bible corresponded with our animal sort)
After reading, we sorted Arctic Animals and read from our Apologia Science book.
Just one paragraph sent the girls in pursuit of creating a zoo.
They've been working all afternoon making the zookeepers and visitors!

Loved looking around today to see everyone choosing their own reading~
and enjoying it.
The bitties wanted to read too so we played an alphabet game with the letters
I found in the Target $1 spot~
 I held up a big card with letter and sang the Leap Frog song~
"The A says a, the A says a, every letter has a sound, the A says a".
They had to find the matching one and hand to me before song was over.
We sang through every letter and they LOVED it.
I think this will be an everyday thing for a while.
{Add what starts with that sound next}.

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