Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Little Science~ {The Snowy Day}

Today in our Bible time we were reminded that God loves us forever!
We drew little hearts on our thumbs to remind us
and made a page in our journals~
Such a beautiful truth!!!

Just so I'm clear, we do Apologia Science everyday but today
we did a little science experiment with our reading time.
First we reread Snowmen at Night recognizing all the rhyming words in it.
I was excited on of the items I bought this week at Target~
was a Rhyming game.
We went through each card and named them, then spread them out on the floor~
 We took turns matching the words to make puzzles.
Very easy for some and very challenging for others.
Good review and introduction for all!

 Today for the benefit of bitties, we read The Snowy Day
and set up a little experiment that went with our favorite page in the book.
They all loved when Peter's snowball disappeared.
We put an ice cube on a plate @ 10:40am and observed until noon~
when we discovered it had melted!!!
In the meantime, I let EC and HM do a little art project 
and tell me one thing they remembered from the story {narration for bitties).

To further our experiment, we poured the melted cube (liquid)
into a medicine cup and put in the freezer.
We made some observations and recorded our thoughts~
We had to run out for an appt and when we came home the water was frozen
and you guessed it... they have been melting and freezing over and over and over
for the last 24 hours.
We have also boiled to make steam/gas learning all the forms of water.
Fun science learning for this crew in everyday living!!! 

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