New Centers for Jan 2016

Thursday, December 31, 2015

I have used the last couple of days to reorganize the school room and closet.
In the midst of that big job, I switched out the centers for boys and bitty girls.
I came to conclusion allowing them to do the same activities will completely help me in the long run.
The boys are always excited to work on centers and the bitties not so much SO
I am going to let one boy work with one girl encouraging cooperation and diligence.

You can see below what I will have available:
10 on the Spot: ten frames for math, Playdoh and ABC/word work, ABC match, and an old game for Word Play~
 Letter stampers in kinetic sand, ABC floor puzzle, Math game, and Work making~
I'm hoping this will help the girls be more interested in center time!

My Best Nine of 2015~

It is no secret I LOVE photography!
I LOVE my family that feeds my photo addiction!
I LOVE Instagram and the likes that goes with it!
I used a website to generate a collage of my like posts this year~

Thank you ALL for the likes and encouragement shared this year.
Looking forward to an amazing 2016 and LOTS of IG posts!!!
The year CallaAnne will come home to her forever!!!

Adoption Update~

Tuesday, December 29, 2015

We received our I800A approval (USCIS saying we are approved to adopt CA)
which was the last document needed for our dossier.
Today we walked all our documents into the GA Secretary of State in Atlanta
and had them authenticated then sent on to Houston for more authenticating.
When they return to us, I will overnight to our agency, Bay Area Adoption Services, 
and they will send to China making us DCT... Dossier to China~
Once it is China, we wait to be Logged In and wait once again for LOA~ Letter of Acceptance from China
saying YES, you can adopt CallaAnne!
We were happy to drop by to see Savannah and family. LOOK how tall EK is getting~

 It has rained SO much over the holidays and we have spent much time inside.
The easybake is seeing a lot of action~
Counting down to a new year and ready to ring it in!!!

Saturday Christmas with my Sister's Family~

Saturday, December 26, 2015

We were not finished with Christmas quite yet so I put everything away except our big tree.
It felt good to have uncluttered space with beautiful light streaming back through the windows~

My sister and family drove to Ga Saturday morning and we gathered for dinner and gifts that evening~
 The kids had already opened gifts from Memommy and Pop but Sissy's family gave them a super cool new swing~
A Swurfer and can't wait to see them enjoying it... IF the rain ever stops!!!

Christmas Afternoon~

Friday, December 25, 2015

We ate a late breakfast and looked forward to Josh, Savannah, and BC to arrive for the afternoon.
They brought BC's favorite gift so we could push him around~
 We grilled steaks for dinner and hung outside in the super mild weather~
 We watched BC open his gift from Memommy and Pop~
 Then enjoyed our yummy dinner~
FINALLY (said the kids) everyone opened presents~
And I HAD to get family photos~

Christmas with Grands sure is Grand and considering the number of children we have,
I think our Christmases will only grow GRANDER~
A Merry Christmas was had by all and we were SO thankful to have everyone together for the afternoon!!!!!

Christmas Morning~

Scott and I woke an hour or so before the excitement and sipped our coffee in the quiet of the morning.
Everything was ready for the Christmas morning festivities~
It wouldn't be long (around 7) before we heard feet hit the floor and a scurry of giggling ensued.

Our tradition is for everyone to gather on the stairs for a sleep face photo, check to see if the reindeer found their food, and walk blindly toward the gifts~
SO much excitement it was hard to capture it all!
Hearing the shrieks of laughter and gasps, I was sure they loved what they saw~
 We decided this year each one would get two things of their own and one thing to share with their roommate.
They LOVED it~
Oh look mom! Wow dad! Can you help me Mimi and Gigi? were the things we heard for the next few hours~
 Scott and I just stood back amazed to see the many miracles God had given us through the last 30 years...
not the material gifts... the human gifts!!!~
 The bigs were so patient to watch the littles open every single gift and help as well
then it was their turn and the smiles say it all~
 The dogs were not left out. They had big bones from Santa and EK/SJ made them little stuffed animals to maul :) ~
 While Scott, Rosie, and I made breakfast, Amelia helped everyone with the building of play mobiles and legos.
Everyone loved just hanging out and enjoying each other~
 My Christmas Joy~
These beautiful faces gave me ALL I needed this Christmas.
Thank You Jesus for being born to us and blessing me with the sweetest family ever!!!

Christmas Eve~

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Today was a sweet day of anticipation for tomorrow.
The big girls opened pjs, slippers, and gifts from Memommy~
 The Littles opened new books which gave us something wonderful to do together~
 Macy just took it easy watching the craziness of the crowd~
 Right before we lit candles to symbolize the light Jesus gave us to shine in a dark world.
We read the Christmas story and then talked about Jesus' death and resurrection giving us the gift of eternal life.
We sang Happy Birthday to Jesus and blew out of candles~
Everyone went to bed on time and Santa finished up His work around midnight.
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good night!

Girls' Day Out~

Monday, December 21, 2015

My big girls planned a day for us to be together before Christmas @ The Avalon~
 It was so fun to walk through all the shops, finish up Christmas shopping, eat, and exchange gifts.
Amazed so often at the inner beauty in each one which shines onto the outside.
I love you all three with my whole heart and SO thankful I get to be your mom!
Our day together was SO wonderful... just not long enough. :)

Simple Sunday~

Sunday, December 20, 2015

Started our day with yummy Santa pancakes~
Watched church online and spent the afternoon reading~
{EK reading my old Little House books :}
 I love reading a good Christmas book during this holiday week~
Keeping days simple and schedule calm.

Christmas with Martins~

Saturday, December 19, 2015

Jason, Amy, and family will travel for Christmas so we opened gifts with them and my parents early~

 We watched everyone open youngest to the oldest~
 Then we decorated Christmas cookies~
 So much fun celebrating with cousins~
 Everyone LOVED their gifts but SJ had to wait to get home to enjoy her Easy Bake~
She mixed her cookie mix, baked, and gave the thumbs up for a delicious snack~
Thank you to the Martins for a wonderful Christmas celebration!
We LOVED opening gifts early giving everyone something new to play with while we wait for Santa.

Room for a Little One~ {Gift Bag Poetry Books}

Friday, December 18, 2015

Our last official day of school in 2015 was short and sweet.
We read and listened to Room for a Little One and colored a nativity page~
 We wrote our own free verse poem about Jesus~ God's Greatest Gift~
 Room for a Little One
(by Ankerich Academy)
is God’s only Son
born in a stable
to Mary and Joseph.
He lived to show us God.
He died on the cross to save us
so we can go to Heaven.
Jesus is the greatest Gift!
He has Room for a Little One~
{Glued our nativity scene to it and made it the last page of our book}
Then I cut gift bags and stapled their poems inside to make these Gift Bag Books~
 We had a little poetry reading time then called it a day~
Peace out 2015... it's been the best year and looking forward to 2016!!!

Christmas Holidays~

We are DONE with school until January~
We made Gift Bag Books today that hold all the sweet poems we wrote this week
and calling it a wrap!
Next week is going to be a lot of reading, baking, Ipods, and watching movies!!!
See ya soon 2016!!!

The Christmas Humbugs~

Thursday, December 17, 2015

The story request for today was The Christmas Humbugs which we read every year
but is always a favorite~
Go HERE or HERE or HERE to see the years past.
Our poetry activity today was The 'Wh' Poem so after reading our book
we wrote this cute poem about Humbugs~

This year I wanted to do something different and while in Walmart saw big pompoms
and decided we would make Humbugs with them~
I had some big old fashioned clothespins to glue everything on to.
First we chose a big pompom and glued it first along with eyes and a red ribbon hanger~
 Next we strung bells of the ends of a pipe cleaner and hot glued it to pin as well.
We used big sequins for the wings~
 For the stockings we twisted red and white pipe cleaners and wound them around the legs~
 Everyone wanted their humbug at the top of the tree so they would surely spy~
Christmas Spirit from everyone.
(Well, Most of the time)