Friday, December 5, 2014

Fun Friday~ {Mr. Willowby's Christmas Tree}

and so do the kids!!!
I printed the characters in the story and we bubble cut to sequence~
 We tore paper trunks and created trees with paper strips/sequins~
It was fun to give our trees a haircut to make them more triangular!
 We glued our story in order and retold it to a partner 
and then sequenced going to cut a Christmas tree into a little book.
The trees turned out beautiful!!!
AND so did our yummy Christmas tree snacks~
Lunch was a huge success with this big treat!!!
{pretzel rods, apple slices, pb or nutella, and m&ms}

Super Fun Friday with sweet BC too
who just happens to be 9 months old today~
YES! He IS an angel!!! :)

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  1. Love this!!!! Need to get that book. Love the food craft too. Where are you finding all those?