Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Works for Us Wednesday~ {Household Chores}

Benjamin Franklin once said...
"An ounce of prevention saves a pound of cure."
I believe this is super advice when it comes to Household Chores.

An ounce of prevention at our house means...
~everything has a home and when done, put it back
~toys belong to the kids, kids have rooms, toys stay in that room
(I do let them bring toys to living area but have to be playing with them
and can only have one thing at a time... saves a lot of 'cure')
***Plenty of things to do around the house***
~School shelf, drawing, legos/magnaformers, activity cabinet in family room,
closet with home library, and shelves full of art supplies)~
~tidying throughout the day reduces clutter at end of the day
~keep all surfaces clean and clutter free
(sure makes cleaning a lot faster)
~touch things one time... mail (trash or pay pile), 
dirty dishes (put in dishwasher NOT sink), 
shoes (basket for every two people), etc.
Instead of a pound of cure where JUNK is everywhere!!!

Keeping things picked up each day
makes the cleaning time much quicker and more efficient
which Works for US!!!
Procrastination is not helpful at all!

Household Chores: {2 Trains of Thought}
  1. Clean in Segments (a little each day) OR
  2. Clean All at Once
Either way, a schedule can help make this big job a little smoother...
  • Monday~ Declutter and Tidy from the Weekend
  • Tuesday~ Floor: Vacuum all floors
  • Wednesday~ Dust all Surfaces
  • Thursday~ Bathrooms
  • Friday~ Vacuum/Mop Floors if needed
  • Saturday and Sunday~ Clean All @ Once if didn't clean each day
I am not hard core either way 
because different weeks makes for different schedules.
If we are going to be home most every day, I most likely clean in segments whereas if it is a week like last week, I end up cleaning all in one day.
I spend time teaching the littles how to help with the everyday chores 
and for the most part they are happy to help. 

I think sharing the ownership in our living space
helps them feel important in keeping it tidy.
~Teach them expectations.
~Do it right along side them.
~Clean as they finish playing.

3 Zones
~1. Floors: I usually vacuum on Tuesdays for the big floor cleaning. We use a swiffer vacuum on our kitchen floor and hardwoods almost everyday. I only mop every other week unless needed more.
  • I have taught EK and SJ how to use the big vacuum and they most always vacuum the upstairs for me. The boys and little girls take turns running the swiffer vacuum at night after dinner.
~2. Bathrooms: I have a caddy that holds all my cleaning supplies and can be easily carried to each bathroom. The BEST cleaning tool I use is a fillable brush: half vinegar and half dawn dishwashing soap... just scrub and rinse. I also use straight vinegar on my shower doors and strips them clean. 
***Best Shower Idea~ Spray it down and leave it until you are ready for a shower then clean while you are in there... couldn't be easier!
  • The littles are responsible for using a baby wipe to clean the sink when they brush their teeth and dry the counter after they wash their hands.
  • {Baby wipes are your friend! I keep them in each bathroom for a quick clean such as toothpaste in the sink or yuck on rim of toilet} 
  • I also keep clorox wipes behind toilets for times when I need to sanitize.

~3. Surfaces~ Dusting and Declutering: Gonna be honest... I use a swiffer duster and hardly ever pull out the pledge. 
Beds are a surface as well and making them up each day makes for a WAY cleaner room (takes one minute)!
  • The littles love helping with this chore (everyone has their own wand). 
  • We sometimes just put socks over both hands and wiped down furniture too.
  • Keeping counters and sink wiped down makes a huge difference for things being clean and only takes about a minute with a windex wipe.
There was a time when I worked out of the home full time and paid someone to clean my house. 
To be honest, I cleaned before they came and they never met my expectations. 

There are weeks when I am overwhelmed 
and I don't get everything done. I'm okay with that!!! 
Having the support of my family is huge. 
I would be remiss if I didn't mention my awesome husband who pitches in 
with anything that needs to be done when I ask! 
Couldn't do life without you!!!

Other jobs my kids help with~
~Loading and unloading the dishwasher
~Emptying trashcans around the house
~Making up their beds every morning
~Keeping their things picked up and put away
~Cleaning up after school and playtime

Remember that phrase for last week:
Work smarter, not harder!?
I hope something shared might make your Household Chore time
run a little smoother and grace your home with less stress.
PLEASE share what Works for You... 
I would LOVE to hear!!!

Next Week: Menu Planning and Grocery Shopping

The following system is exactly what the title describes~
What Works For Us... Our Family
but maybe through my words and posts,
 there might be something helpful shared. 
PS... I am a system and procedural kind of girl so my house runs better
if we have a system in place.
There is no guessing what's to be done or how it will be done.
That makes for a more relaxed and restful home, I believe.


  1. These are helpful, Sharon! Thanks for sharing !!!

  2. Thanks so much for these posts!!! The detail that you share is very, very helpful!!!! I hope you share more.:)

  3. Keep Posting. Hoping some of your Awesomeness rubs off on me. LOL

  4. Sharon,
    Loved this! We, too, let everything have a place and put everything in its place! We do our cleaning everyday....each child has morning chores that take them about 20 minutes. So the ceiling fans get dusted one day, the doors another day, the baseboards another different children who are assigned that chore. We keep our chores for one year before rotating them. Each child (as well as myself) has a "zone" they are in charge of dusting as well. Doing dishes rotates each meal, with the littles helping by emptying the silverware from the dishwasher and setting the table. Bathrooms are also done a little each day...toilets three times a week, tubs once a week, sinks get wiped daily, etc. On Friday we do a little extra cleaning. It works well for us. In the winter over our Christmas break, we do our deep cleaning - like moving those fridges and freezers, touching up paint, etc.
    I am not a procrastinator, and with our system in place we feel ready for company at any time. We love having the farm full of people!
    Also - we use swiffer dusters instead of dusting sprays as well - those things are awesome - and then we aren't spraying harmful chemicals either!
    Can't wait to read about your menu planning and grocery shopping!!! Thanks for sharing!!!

  5. Wonderful tips! I dream of my family growing just like yours (We currently have 2 bio girls and 2 China girls.) and taking care of the house is one of my fears as we add more little hands and feet to the mix! I am definitely going to put some of these tips into practice!