Saturday, November 1, 2014


After a big day of Pumpkin fun, we took the kids to town for Monster Mash.
It was great we went right at 4~
 The kids loved trick-or-treating at all the merchants in town
but it was soon crowded and a little too scary so we headed back home for dinner.
So fun hanging out with Amy and Jason again~
 Loaded down with a ton of candy~
 My little Trick-or-Treating bunch~
We finished the evening off with a little trick-or-treating in the neighborhood
and called it a night.
A fun Halloween night!!!

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  1. Love their costumes!!! Too Precious! Our girl went from an "Indian Princess" (see my blog profile pic) to a Pirate Princess, to a Mermaid!! Yep all in a range of one week! Luckily the latter two were deeply discounted and bought for less than 20 bucks for them both.