Monday, November 17, 2014

Reading Game with the Boys~

Last week the boys started reading an emergent reader called What Is It?
and their new sight words were is and it.
It has been super tricky for them but we are persevering. 
After we read through the book, worked on making words with clothespins,
and the sight word cards,
I gave then each a dice with the words: a, and, it, it, is, is
on it~
I sat the token discs out for them and they each rolled dice.
If they could read the word rolled, they grabbed a token.
If they couldn't, I read for them and they rolled again.
The goal was to empty the token container as fast as we could.
So again, the game wasn't against each other but against the token container.
The boys had great fun and learned their new words to boot!
They can't wait to play again tomorrow!!!

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