Thursday, October 2, 2014

A Happy Day~

Today after breakfast we made two huge batches of playdough~
which made 6 little people super happy!
I grabbed my camera to get my photog class photo for the day~
Loved all the yellow and SJ's sweet hands!
I chose it over these two~
Bought playdough DOES NOT compare to homemade~
I am NOT kidding when I tell you they played for TWO hours!!!
A Happy Day!!!
This afternoon was filled with outside fun and I shot this video of SJ
performing her 'baton show' for me~
She practices every single day!!!
One more happy thing~
Rosie has her Zeta "Big" family!
Just look at those happy girls!!!!!


  1. Love the twirling routine! Tell her to keep practicing and one day I hope to see her performing in a half time show.
    I used to twirl and loved it! Tried to get my girls to 'love' it but it's not big out here in CO. They did twirl with a small group for a year or two.
    I hope it doesn't fade it's my favorite part of a half-time show!!
    Great job SJ!!!!

  2. Do you have a recipe you could share? Would love to do this with Rieley. thanks, thanks also for sharing your family with us readers.