Sunday, October 26, 2014

A 'GRAND'son Weekend~

Savannah and Josh were part of a wedding this weekend so we had the privilege
to love on Ben Curtis the whole weekend~
 {How amazing that Josh sang in Italian at the wedding and just look how gorgeous Savannah looked!}
Here are just a few photos from tons I took of little BC~
 He is ALWAYS smiling and didn't cry one single time
{unless I needed to clean his little nose}.
SO very loved by everyone~
Loved having a short visit from Rosie and captured her with her fan club!!!
Amelia had a lot to work on for the coming week so stayed at school.

If you happen to think about both girls this week,
would love for you to say a little prayer for them.
Life can get a little overwhelming at times 
and happens often when away from home at college.
{Thank you!}

THIS is the face I kissed a million times this weekend~
and THIS is the smile on his face
 when he was back with his momma and daddy today!
Thank you Savannah and Josh for giving us the grandest gift~
Our 'GRAND'son, Ben Curtis!!!
We love you little sweet buddy and can't wait for our next visit!!!

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