Happy Halloween~

Friday, October 31, 2014

Our day started with these precious photos of Nana and BC~
 Could they be any cuter?
I don't think so!!! BC's first Halloween!!!
Our day has been full of pumpkin activities~
Read all about @ Growing Whole Hearts!
Our afternoon and evening is sure to be tons of fun with
Monster Mash in town, Dinner with our family, and Trick or Treating!
Happy Halloween everyone!!!

A 'Pump'tacular Day~

Today was all about pumpkins...

We read books until my voice was going with The Parable of the Pumpkin
being our favorite every year.
Using storytelling pieces we narrated the life cycle of a pumpkin~
 Then made our own little books for our journals~
 Every day Evie asks me if we are going to paint
and today I made it all about art in the kitchen with pumpkin cupcakes~
 Pumpking carving... Fred. :)~
 Toasting pumpkin seeds and making lunch... personal pumpkin pizzas~
We have a big evening planned with Monster Mash in town,
family over for vegetable soup and cupcakes, then trick-or-treating.
Happy Halloween!!!
Can't believe tomorrow is November!!!!!

Costume Portraits~ {Halloween}

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Last evening after dinner I asked Scott to help me get everyone dressed in their costumes
and head out to the front yard for a Costume Portrait session.

I had a Stylizing assignment for my photog class so this was the perfect shoot...
Real Life goes Make Believe.

I asked them to head up the driveway and I began shooting.
I didn't have a lot of time since it was almost dark
but after about 100 shots, these were the best~
 From the back they took my breath away so I knew it was going to be good~

As they neared the top, I had them turn around and just line up.
I couldn't believe my eyes when I came in and saw this photo on my computer~
{I hardly ever see this in my camera}
Do you see the personalities bursting through?
HM~ What are we doing?
EC~ What are the big kids doing?
WP~ I am saving the world!
EK~ I love my costume.
SJ~ Strike a pose!
PC~ Let me get ready...
{This will always be one of my favorite photos ever!}

The next idea was to shoot singles and twins.
The Big Girls~ {Cowgirl and Alligator}

The Boys~ {Ironman and Captain America}

The Bitty Babies~ {Tinker Bell and a Princess}

I'll be the first to say Halloween is NOT my favorite holiday but these littles~
sure make me love picking up my camera to freeze the moment forever!!!
With this done, I am free to enjoy Friday when we go trick-or-treating.
Happy Halloween!!!

Aaaaarrgghh! Spider~

Today was about Arachnids with three books...
{2 fiction and 1 non fiction}~
 They were all a big hit because each little had some sort of connection to the texts
whether it be personal, related to another book, or something they had learned before.
EK found the section in our Apologia Science book about Arachnids so we read from there
and found a project to create a spider web.
We decided to have a spider web drawing contest
{of course Everyone won!}~
 Then EK and I traced everyone's hand so they could cut out to make a spider~
 Then the MESSY Fun part... glitter up the webs and spiders! Outside!
We all decided maybe we ARE 'Scaredy Cats' at times when it comes to spiders but still claiming...
Psalm 56:3
When I am afraid, I will trust in God!!!
{AKA... Holly's scared face... ha:}

We're NOT Scaredy Cats!~

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Psalm 56:3~
When I am afraid, I will trust in God!

The Witch with a Twitch~

I had all sorts of books when I taught school way back in the day
and my children now LOVE reading them all this time of year.
We're not all that big on scary things related to Halloween 
but this book was a perfect one to help turn scary over to God...
The Witch with a Twitch with a black cat named Kitch ~
{love the rhyme theme!}
 We read the book together and stopped along the way to discuss real and make-believe
plus make predictions of what might happen next.
The witch in the story was a scaredy cat and I asked them what the Bible said about being scared.
They all talked about our Steve Green song...
'When I am afraid' and we sang together then decided~
We are NOT scaredy cats in Jesus and found the scripture in the Bible to write on our door!
We all traced/decorated scaredy cats and copied our verse Psalm 56:3~
 They turned out adorable and are tucked away in our journals 
so we can remember this important truth~
Psalm 56:3
When I am afraid, I will trust in God!

Monday Moments~

Monday, October 27, 2014

Another trip to the dr... SJ has pink eye and already better~
Made a Target run and tonight when time for pjs...
these two squeezed themselves into size 2 footies because that's what BC wears!
Time to hit Carter's I think!!! :)

A 'GRAND'son Weekend~

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Savannah and Josh were part of a wedding this weekend so we had the privilege
to love on Ben Curtis the whole weekend~
 {How amazing that Josh sang in Italian at the wedding and just look how gorgeous Savannah looked!}
Here are just a few photos from tons I took of little BC~
 He is ALWAYS smiling and didn't cry one single time
{unless I needed to clean his little nose}.
SO very loved by everyone~
Loved having a short visit from Rosie and captured her with her fan club!!!
Amelia had a lot to work on for the coming week so stayed at school.

If you happen to think about both girls this week,
would love for you to say a little prayer for them.
Life can get a little overwhelming at times 
and happens often when away from home at college.
{Thank you!}

THIS is the face I kissed a million times this weekend~
and THIS is the smile on his face
 when he was back with his momma and daddy today!
Thank you Savannah and Josh for giving us the grandest gift~
Our 'GRAND'son, Ben Curtis!!!
We love you little sweet buddy and can't wait for our next visit!!!

A Big Day~

Friday, October 24, 2014

We headed to Gwinnett this am and met our social worker at the park for WP's 3 year home visit 
then to pediatrician for flu mists/shot {both went perfect}~
Then to Target for shopping/my flu shot and finally to pick up BC for the weekend.
Savannah and Josh have a wedding so we are blessed to have BC all to ourselves!

Amy and Jason invited us to meet them in town for a walk around the square seeing all the scarecrows~

It's awesome our kids are so easily entertained!

Afterwards we returned home for ~
Baths for everyone and bottle for BC.
I think it's going to be a pretty wonderful weekend!!!

One Year Ago Today~

Thursday, October 23, 2014

One year ago we all found out a grandson was on the way~
And just look at him now~
Happy as can be and starting saying Momma this week!
Tomorrow we pick him up at 1 for the weekend.
Get ready for a ton of photos with this precious angel!
ShayShay and Papa can't wait!!!

Five Little Pumpkins~

Every single day Evie asks if we are going to paint 
and EK asks if we are going to go anything fun. :)
Today I pulled out a little board book I knew Evie and Holly would love,
{Five Little Pumpkins}
sang it to them, and introduced some pumpkin puppets.
I gave EK the job of reader while we practiced our show~
Then we videoed it~
and watched about 50 times. :)
Next it was onto making our own 5 Little Pumpkins in our journals.
They cut out their own fence and moon then added stick on pumpkins~
 I also put the song in the pocketchart and they have sang with each other all day long~
Cutest pumpkins in the patch @ Ankerich Academy for sure!!!

Planting Pansies~

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Today EK and I planted a flat of pansies my mom had given me
and I had a few left over.
EK asked to plant them in her flower box on the cottage~
 She was thrilled~

I also enjoyed a very lovely visit from my friend Cathy today~
She came bearing a Chick-fil-a nugget platter and Halloween cupcakes!!!
A sweet friendship that doesn't fade even when miles separate us!

A Beautiful New School Cabinet~

I have been dreaming of some sort of cabinet for our learning materials
so our living space doesn't look SO schoolish.
I was in an old house this past weekend and found a dusty old piece
belonging to my SIL's son.
I asked about it and they said... It is your's!
SO we loaded it up, brought it home, and cleaned it up~
Doors need some work so for now we are using it as is and LOVE it!
Today we loaded our baskets and began our new routine~
 The pulldown shelf holds all the materials I need to work with each group
plus all my curriculum manuals.
The boys' journals and workbooks are in a small basket.
Their centers are in the middle drawer and this week we changed them out...
~Counting/Numeral Puzzles
~Listen to Green Wilma
~Match ABC uppers to lowers on the vine
~Match ABC sponges to pumpkins
~Spot It- Math

The Bitty girls have a small basket as well with the bottom drawer holding their centers.
~Spot It- ABC
~Fishing for ABCs and matching to magnetic board
~Lacing Cards
~Pumpkin Counting
~ABC Tracing

 EK has her basket with all she needs for school~
 And so does SJ with a few centers thrown in~
 Today we started the Expo markers in Notebooks and it worked perfectly giving me
much better one on one with each child~
Yay for a great day!

Saving Money~

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

I have at least three curriculum choices I love that are consumable:
~Explode the Code
~Handwriting with Tears
~Math U See...
and can be expensive when schooling six kids. 
It was time to buy new Explode the Code books 
and in the past I have bought one book and made copies... still expensive!
As I was shopping around in Walmart yesterday I had an idea...
What about notebooks, page protectors, and expo markers~
SO this morning the bigger girls and I had a little notebook party
and tomorrow we will begin our new routine.
Each child will use the book they need, I will check their work,
and we will clean for the next child.
No more copying, no more buying extra books, 
and no more piles of papers going to recycling.
Saving money {and trees} makes everyone happy... especially the Principal!!!

Life through IG Photos~

Mac died last Wednesday and because I had a (6 day expired) 3 year Apple Care plan,
they graced me with a free repair and it was back to me on Saturday!
THAT is serious awesome customer service~

Because I had a little time on my hands away from blogging and editing photos,
I dusted off my sewing machine and crocheting needle~

 Time spent with my family is always my FAVORITE time~

Littles Love~

Bigs Love~
And that's Life through a few IG photos!
{ADORE that little overall boy!!!}