Thursday, September 4, 2014

The Bank$$$~

The author of Brave Writer wrote of an editing strategy she used with her children when editing their writing.
They earned pennies when they were able to correct their own mistake.
I shared it with my SIL and thought...
I should do that with the boys for fun.

Not only would they learn important information,
they would begin to recognize, count, and know about money.
SO... I opened The Bank~
I explained that every time I asked the boys their name and they were correct with first and last, they would get a penny.
If they were able to add their middle name, they would get 2 pennies.
It didn't take long to get that skill down as well as trading 5 pennies for a nickel, 
2 nickels for a dime, and the big girls helped them with a quarter.
THEY also wanted in on the fun so SJ gave me the time every time I asked her
and EK spelled her contraction spelling words.

They are ALL loving the bank game and the best part?
They have taken it over asking each other and helping each other trade.

What are they working toward?
Why $.50 for those machines at the grocery store don't you know!
It has been a fun motivator and great way to encourage each other to learn 'their' skill!!!

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