Sunday, September 7, 2014

Memorable Moments from our Weekend~

Saturday Moments~
~New goal... drink 1/2 my weight in oz of water each day
~Finally hung Amelia's horse painting in girls' room
~Lots of drawing for letters to big sister
 ~Amelia hair colored so cute
~EK loving the hummingbirds
~4 girls in one room to soothe sad feelings
~Amelia and Logan @ a wedding

Ben Curtis got a new high chair and LOVES it~

Simple Sunday Moments~
~Evie wrote a ton of books
~"Take my picture Mom"
~Helping me make our Sunday muffins before church
~Holly's first pigtails {Evie's idea}
~Poured cats and dogs last night 5-7" 
~EK picked up Boxcar Children and read 3 chapters all on her own
~Our basement flooded... :(
~Rosie came home and spent the night!!!

Celebrated Grandparent's Day with my mom and dad {Jason and kids}~
 Our kids are SO blessed to live close and spend time with their grandparents... huge Blessing to ALL of us!!!

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