Thursday, August 21, 2014

Writing and Reading~

There are times when I post things on our school blog for no reason 
except I want to remember what the kids were doing at this point and time!
Today is one such day so bear with me.
Because of our Ice Bucket Challenge last evening~
{Read and watch it @ Everything Beautiful}

We had a Great idea for our journals~

 SJ has turned into a Pete the Cat lover and she is reading them so well.
I had her choose her favorite part, made a color copy so she could cut and dress Pete.
She also did a little copywork to record the lesson learned in the story~
 {Evie had to do it too!}

This week EK received a surprise in the mail from Memommy!
Being the horse lover she is made these new books all the sweeter~
She is reading up a storm and both girls love the activity books!
Thank you Memommy...
Our reading time for EK just got super fun!!!

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