Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Writing and Copywork~

I've shared before I believe reading and writing work together
to strengthen the other.
In the younger years we do a good bit of copy work:
copying pieces of literature or scripture
where the child focuses on handwriting, eye hand coordination, letters, words, sentences, punctuation, grammar, vocabulary, spelling... 
the list goes on and on.
The cool thing is~
the child doesn't realize all that is going on in this one activity.
EK has always loved Henry and Mudge and even though are way too easy for her she still wants to read over and over.
Great thing is she usually has a sweet little audience so she is improving her fluency as well as modeling good reading for her sibs.
Today after reading I had her choose her favorite page for some such copy work~
She did a great job and after copy/read I had her use the skill of vowel work reviewed in language book as well.
I think the beauty from all this shone when Evie went back to her journal~
took some random paper, glued it in, and scribble wrote a message.
She is learning that writing is important as she watches EK writing for a purpose and reading it back.
All in all writing was successful and purpose filled!

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