Thursday, August 21, 2014

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge~

Scott and the littles were challenged to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge this week.
You can imagine with young kids, they had no idea what we were talking about 
so we shared some videos of people living with this terrible disease.
We also shared the videos of Josh and Amelia giving us the challenge.
They were SO excited to oblige and were off to find a bucket~
I'm pretty sure Scott had the MOST fun and I LOVED shooting the video~
I think the thing that surprised us the MOST was Holly following the lead of everyone and JUMPING in the pool!!!
She had NEVER done that before!
I'm pretty sure she jumped in about 100 times after that!
We are donating to the ALS cause as well!
Thanks Josh and Amelia for giving us one of the sweetest family memories ever!!!


  1. oh my goodness that made me smile so big!!!!!!!

  2. This was a HOOT!!! We were cheering as loud as Scott!!!!! We love your southern accent!!! Thanks for the great smiles and laughter all the way up north tonight ;0)

  3. That was adorable. Our school just did the challenge yesterday.

  4. Beautiful!!! I watched that three times, it was such fun! So much joy as a it!

  5. That was hilarious! I can't believe Miss Holly jumped in the pool! Melaina won't even do that! What a big girl :)

  6. That is just precious! Made me smile and laugh along with your family :)

  7. Thank you or doing this! My dad is living with ALS and seeing people offer support means so much!


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