Saturday, August 30, 2014

Routine, Learning Space, and Storage~

Our Routine is pretty much the same everyday.
Everyone is up with beds made and down for breakfast at 8.
{EK and SJ have been coming down early to start their work drawers... smart!}

8:45 Get Dressed, Teeth, and Straighten up Rooms
9:00 Try to get our Learning Day started with Bible and Prayer
        Calendar and Singing Time
        Five in a Row book and activity
        Chapter book reading
        {Often done outside if weather permits}
10:00 Work Drawers {Centers}
        I pull EK and SJ for one on one teaching time. I also check all         centers being completed as well as assignments completed by         older girls.
11:00 Work Drawers {Centers}
        I work with boys and bitty girls for teaching time as well.
        EK and SJ also have centers they can choose if they are                   waiting for me or finish up before the other kids~
Red: Books on cassette
Orange: Hot Dots
Green: Word Whammer and word cards
Blue: Playdoh and Sight Word lists for spelling
Purple: MUS blocks and cards for War
11:30 If work is complete, everyone is rewarded with technology             time {school apps only!}. 
12:00 Lunch
1:00 Bitties to bed and rest of us back for Science and History.
2:00 Everyone to rooms for quiet time.
3:00 Snack and Outside

Learning Space:
Most of our learning happens outside or in our sunroom~
View from all 4 corners.

Our calendar corner, math shelf, and library~
My copy center with all materials for the week~

I have a few places for materials not in use...
Hallway, basement, and cabinet~
SO I think that pretty much covers all things learning here at Ankerich Academy.
Going to be a great year and already off to a GREAT start!!!



  1. Love How you organized the craft closet!!!!!! Need to get to organizing mine. :)

  2. Thanks for sharing all about your homeschool journey. It is an encouragement to me. I love your notebook idea you shared a few posts again. I was do you keep/store/organize work that does't fit into the notebook? (ex. work completed on construction paper, odd sized projects, etc)
    Thanks so much! Bridgette


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