Friday, August 15, 2014

Recovery Friday~

What to do after a long and crazy week?
A day of Recovery with a lot of playing among other things.
I woke up to a K cup love note~
It was bound to be a sweet day!
Threw some clothes on a chair to come back later and fold
but came back to find these two had already done it for me~
A sweet day for sure!
With all the dr visits we have made this week, it was bound to come out in their play~
 Evie rigged up a way to get Holly's blood and told her not to worry about a thing~
I did some blogging as well as photo editing~
{Love this new app I found called Studio Design that adds cool stuff to photos}
This afternoon I found the boys giving Holly a building lesson with their FAV toy of all~
Everyone seems to be feeling better this afternoon and our day of Recovery has been bliss!


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