Friday, August 22, 2014

Pete the Cat~ {Fun Friday}

I can pretty much guess Charlotte Mason would deem Pete the Cat twaddle literature
but I'm taking my mom's advice~
"It may be twaddle but IF they are reading, THAT is ALL that matters."
And since SJ LOVES Pete the Cat
I decided it should be the focus of our Fun Friday today!

Reading and Writing:
We began with SJ reading to us~

They all made on their own What Will I Wear Today? little song books. (wrote color words inside)
They even sang them to me!!!

EK and I read the other Pete the Cat books we own and we loved onto our Art activity for the day~
EK helped paint handprints and created Pete the Cat with them!

I made each one a reading stick and they sang Pete the Cat in twos
practicing many early literacy skills~
EK and SJ really taught lots of cool skills to the littles!

Next up was MATH!~
I found THIS post last night while on my computer and just happened to have a tray from $store in my school closet!
As we used up the milk this morning,
I had a brainstorm to make a Pete and combine it with the $tray game~
 Our Pete the Cat loves to eat unifix cubes and we followed directions on THIS post for little kids. 
EK and SJ used a die with numerals and had to add or subtract the two numbers~
 Once again during rest I set up the whole game on the table
and when everyone came down from rest, it was the chosen thing!

Each one painted a Pete with milk and blue food dye onto piece of bread~
We decorated with sprinkles, toasted, and ate with butter and cinnamon sugar.
A BIG thanks to EK for helping me make this day super special for her sibs!
Super Fun Friday and I am pooped!

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