Sunday, August 31, 2014

Happy 53rd to Scott~

Saturday was all about Scott's 53rd birthday with a house full of celebration.
But first a cup of coffee on the breezeway and a clean pool~
 Wasn't long before Savannah and Ben Curtis pulled in and it was operation HOLD BC~
 There was time spent on the floor together, eating together, and football together!
LOVED having my two Bigs home!!!
They gave Scott this giant card and after a Mexican fiesta,
celebrated with a Georgia cake in honor of Rosie who was at the Ga game cheering on the Dawgs.
Doesn't 53 look great!?~
SO wonderful having my sweet sister home with Chris and Sam.
This will be one of my Fav pics for all time!~
 Today all three of our families... mine, Jason's, and my sister's
all went to NS for church and out for pizza afterwards~
 Still celebrating!!!
Happy birthday honey~ wishing you 53 more!!!

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