Thursday, August 28, 2014

Boys' Kindergarten Work Drawers~ {Centers}

The boys are really doing well with their work drawers {centers}
and I chose to make their activities similar like I did the bitty girls.
I also moved their 'Mom' drawer to the bottom 
so I would be ready to work with them once done with big girls.

Red~ Patterning with Unifix Cubes
Orange~ Matching ABCs to mat
Green~ Puzzles
Blue~ Numeral Order and Counting Sets 1-10
Green~ Mom Activities: Journals, Explode the Code, Workbook, Handwriting w/out Tears

Having several children using the same books could make things a little expensive so I buy one book, cut with paper cutter, and make copies as we go.
When the next two need the same book, I will have it for them as well.
Making consumables work for multiple kids!

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