Thursday, August 14, 2014

A Tough Week~

EC had swimmer's ear and HM blood sugar tested high~

Tuesday~ Moved Rosie to college and hearts began to hurt~
 {they have slept downstairs on our floor all week because their bigs are just too far away}

Wednesday~ we ate dinner with Rosie for her bd and when leaving found out WP was burning up with a fever~

Today~ back to dr with WP: strep and HM was sent for blood work again~

Got home and saw this post from A Holy Experience...
In a moment that it took to look around and see what had not been done this week due to all the running around ,
this quote struck me so sweetly.

NO my house and laundry are not done BUT
Hearts are full,  health is better, and togetherness brought us closer as a family to where Love is...
Next to Godliness and in His complete Will.

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  1. Don't you just love kisses from God, & how He always gives us just what we need to hear.


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