Monday, August 18, 2014

A Pretty Sweet Monday~

Our week began with six healthy kids getting back to school~

 Rosemary's class met last night to create this awesome photo~

 Today SJ came in kind of upset that EK was riding her bike in the grass and her scooter wouldn't go there.
I told her today was the day she needed to learn to ride her bike...
you should have seen the small 'NO' fit she pitched so I let it go.
A little later I hear the boys yelling for me to come see
and I find EK teaching SJ to ride her bike.
I take over for just a couple of runs and all of a sudden she has it~ 
 Riding back and forth in the backyard then up to the driveway
and even rode down the street tonight~
She could not be more proud and wants to go out and ride as soon as she wakes up in the morning!!!

 Today was Rosie's first day of classes @ college and she sent me a first day of school photo~
 This is her in a nutshell! Happy!

Today is Mill's first day of her senior year @ college~
 Phi Mu sister love!

AND what we've all been waiting for this week as Rosie went through Rush...
Meet the new Zeta and her new sisters~

Could not be happier for her!!!
And last but not least~
Two of my most fav people in the whole world!
I think that about covers everyone don't you think?
A Pretty Sweet Monday!!!


  1. Love Rosie's dresses! Where did she shop?

  2. Congratulations to Rosie! I hope she has a great year! Look at SJ! WOW! Roman still hasn't learned how to ride his bike! Glad you had a fantastic day!


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