Friday, August 29, 2014

2014-2015 Curriculum~

This year we have a third, first, two Ks, and two preschoolers.
I have prayed over our curriculum choices this last year and felt peace so we are not changing anything~
just adding handwriting {Handwriting without Tears} and writing {Brave Writer}.
I am sharing a list of choices for each child...

EK is a Third Grader!
Language Arts
     Five in a Row with Living Book and a chapter book add on
     Queen Language Lessons for grammar/lang
     Spelling Workout: Level B
     Handwriting without Tears- cursive {New}
     Writing- Brave Writer/Jot It Down {New}
     EK chooses her own reading material. She is very into some            new horse books my mom sent her plus all things non fiction! I      love having her narrate as much as she can remember.                      Sometimes I just listen and other times I record her narration.
     Math U See- Alpha
     Beautiful Feet Early American History
EK has 5 drawers that hold all her work and she completes her assignments on her own only needing me to check her work as she goes.
The purple drawer holds history and science which is done with the four older kids
so we wait and do those subjects after lunch.

SJ is a First Grader!
Language Arts:
     Five in a Row with Living Book and a chapter book add on
     Queen Language Lessons for grammar/lang
     Circle a Word
     Handwriting without Tears- cursive {New}
     Writing- Brave Writer/Jot It Down {New}
     SJ is reading quite well and I am giving her more independence      in choosing her books. We read together, work on sight words,        read phrases for fluency, and narrate too.
     Math U See- Primer
     Beautiful Feet Early American History
SJ has her assignments in her drawers and we work through them together most days.

Boys are in Kindergarten!
Language Arts:
     Five in a Row with Living Book: LA, Math, Science, Art, SS 
     Writing- Brave Writer/Jot It Down {New}
The boys work through their drawers {centers} while I work with big girls
and when they get to purple, I am reading to give them one on one.

Bitty Girls are in Preschool!
Language Arts:
     Before Five in a Row: covers all subjects
     Handwriting without Tears
     Kumon books
     Coloring Book
The bitty girls have the same routine as the boys
and truthfully sometimes they do their drawers and sometimes
they just aren't in the mood...
I am VERY okay with them making the choice to school or play.
Either way, they ARE learning and get to make the choice of HOW!

We explore music, art, and foreign language through many avenues.
There you have it...
the Curriculum we are using and next up~
Our Daily Routine, Learning Space, and my storage areas!

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