Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Wonderful Art Wednesday~ {Blueberries for Sal}

Someone asked one of the kids last week if they liked school and that one kid said... not really... WHAT?
Yes, kind of hurt my feelings and made me think through our day.
Is it the curriculum?
Is it too routine?
Is it boring?
Is it too much?
Is it just what kids say?
Is the cocooning getting to them?
Is it their teacher???
Maybe a little of all that SO today we had Wonderful Art Wednesday... 
totally changing our routine!

After bible time I read Blueberries for Sal mainly because EK and SJ have picked tons of blueberries at our sweet neighbor Ms. Margaret's house~
I asked them if they would like to field trip over to our side yard for blueberry picking?
YES and we were off.
We did a little tasting to know the big ones were the tastiest~
 I'd say Evie and Holly did MOST of the tasting! :)
EK found a bird nest of course and once our bucket was pretty full we went back for our Art project~
We decided to paint with the berries instead of cook with them.
While they boiled, we also read The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse~
 After boiling the berries, the kids noticed they weren't blue at all... purple maybe. 
So after drawing something to paint, everyone took a brush, dipped into the berry paint and got to work~
And once again...
Evie and Holly did more tasting than painting.
Also once their masterpiece dried, it was totally BLUE!
A change in routine proved to be JUST what we needed.

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  1. I would LOVE to attend your homeschool! I have to hide your blog from my kids - otherwise they will realize how BORING our school is AND take off for your house! Sometimes kids say things they don't mean - I have to believe that was the case!


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